Monday, August 1, 2011

Batch 43 geo lens Tracking number

Batch 43 geo lens Tracking number:
1. Normahita Binti Nordin: EN489882150MY
2. Sharifah Hidayatul Mustakim: EN489882203MY
3. Tsehan Khoo: EN489882115MY
4. Izzah S: EN489882101MY
5. Albert Lim: EN489882129MY
6. Dayana: EN489882177MY
7. Aisyah Binti Abdullah: EN489882146MY
8. Fanny Tan: EN489882132MY
9. Aznurul Aina Bte Abdul Shukor: EN489882163MY
10. Ivy Tang: EN489882194MY
11. Eling Wong: EN489882089MY
12. Byron Chong: EN489882092MY

Missing Lens:
1. Eling Wong : WCO 245 (100/100) ------> GEO sent us WCO245 (0/0)
2. Halimatun Binti Ishak: WTB-34 (250/275), Mimo Burberry chocolate (250/275), Mimo Burberry black (250/275) -------> GEO sent us WTB-34 (0/0) and Barbie totally didn't send mimo burberry series
3. Ivy Tang: Miss eye brown (125/125) X2, miss eye black (150/150), eva green (175/175)
***Will replace your missing lens along with batch 44 lens arrival

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