Sunday, October 17, 2010

Terms and Conditions

*All prices DO NOT include postage.
Postage is to be borne by the buyer. Delivery service is available within Malaysia only.

*Pre-order need to wait approximately 10-15 days for item to reach after order had been placed.

*This is for serious buyer only. Pre order sometimes might face shipment delay or missing lens from korea, which is not within seller's control. Please do not place an order if you cannot wait.

*For those who choose to COD instead of postage, meeting time is at seller's convenience time. If u cannot wait or cannot suite our time, please opt for postage when u order.

*All price are FINAL. No negotiation.

*Please make payment before closing date after you had received our invoice/confirmation order from us. We will cancel your order if you make late payment.

*Due to some problems occurred by some customers, We have decided henceforth will not return any extra amount banked into our bank account. So please don't expect us to return your extra balance if you've banked in extra. Please bank in the exact amount only. If you are using cash deposit machine that doesn't accept small note, perhaps u can choose to bank in thru bank counter or online transfer.

*Do NOTIFY us via email once you have bank in the payment to our account by giving us the timing, bank note no, total amount etc.. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your order(because we do not know whether you have made ur payment)

*Goods sold are not refundable, replaceable or exchangeable. Please decide clearly before placing an order, and buy at your own risk.

*We will not be liable/responsible for any damages/lost of items during delivery via pos malaysia services.

**Please check with your optician whether your eyes are suitable for wearing contact lenses(especially if this is your first time). We only guarantee that these lenses are authentic but we cant guarantee your eyes are suitable for these lens. Strictly no refund for discomfort of lens. Buy at your own risk.

*Seller will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the courier/delivery. Please check your items before you sign the slips from postmen. However, if you are worried about pos delivery, we do provide some meet up point to deliver the goods hand-to-hand to you too. Please refer to your hand to hand location below.

By ordering on this site, you have read and agree to our terms and conditions. We are not liable for any discomfort, infections or injuries caused by contact lens wear. Prior to ordering, please seek attention from your optometrist regarding the prescriptions and health conditions of your eye.

Please take note that Missy Gorgeous can change its terms and conditions anytime without notice.

Thanks for your support ^^

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