Saturday, January 23, 2010

Batch 20 Lens arrival!

Dear batch 20 customers,

Color Contact Lenses are here already ya!

For Postage Buyers:
Will post out your lenses on Monday and Tuesday. Tracking number will be posted up on Monday night as well!

For COD Buyers:
Kindly email me your name, number list in batch 20, COD time, and COD date. I will response to your email later to confirm the COD time and date with ya! Kindly choose to COD on tuesday onwards because Monday I will not be free ya =)

Thank you for all your support!!!! <3

UPDATED: 27/1/10

:Batch 20 Tracking Number:

Posted 26/1/2010
1) Loo Bee Lee - ED 913731670 MY
2) Nur Izzati Mazli - ED 913731635 MY
3) Shahida Yahaya - ED 913731808 MY
4) Ling Suet Fong - ED 913731706 MY
5) Dewiyana - ED 913731754 MY
6) Ng Yan Nie - ED 913731683 MY
7) Jason Leong - ED 913731697 MY
8) Yukki Chua - ED 913731723 MY
9) Ms. Nurzuriana - ED 913731745 MY
10) Nur Fatma Zuhra - ED 913731737 MY
11) Liew Peak Wei - ED 889427457 MY
12) Leez - ED 913731649 MY
13) Ong Ming Ee - ED 913731842 MY
14) Jeslyn Lim - ED 913731856 MY

:: The rest all will post out by today ya! Sorry cuz My post office here the system always down/offline, cant do pos laju transaction. I have to go all the way to KLCC to do the posting. Sorry for any inconvenience ya!

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